WAPAPURA STREAMING_21 junio 20:00-22:00hrs

sige este link http://www.wapapura.com/stream/chivo-tropico/ para vernos en streaming el sábado 21 de 20:00 a 22:00 en el chivo trópico


Wapapura celebrates its birthday every year on the Summer Solstice, and this year we celebrate under the longest day of sunshine in the mountains north of Madrid. This is our 6th birthday, but our first where we can invite the whole world to join us with the live stream. And we are excited to join forces with the powerful folks of Chico-Tropico in the creation of this celebration. Chico-Tropico, that will become Chivo-Tropico before your very eyes as they take their experimental tropical sounds festival out of its urban Madrid origins and into the lands of mountain goats and wind spirits. An all day event that starts in the center of the mountain village of Valdemanco. The gathering will be led by a procession up into the surrounding forest guided by the mobile sounds coming out of the amplified backpacks of the musicians of El Intruso. The live stream will open up the ceremony to all of you when we tune into the set of the duo Chico-Tropico, followed by the surrealist Cumbia power of Dick El Demasiado. A Solstice celebration, the likes of, never seen before, available here at Wapapura Live Stream….